Writer of stories plucked from lucid dreams, a mixer of molecules, as well as a monster sympathiser. 

Marcelle was first published at age 7... in her primary school newsletter. Now in her twenties, she writes science fiction and fantasy stories that are always a little bit odd. When she isn't writing she spends her time making YouTube videos, doing chemistry experiments or organising her bookshelf by colour.  

What I've been up to lately:

  • Accepted into the Sterling and Stone StoryTellers Apprenticeship 2016
  • Featured in Incisors and Grinders 2015 Monash University Anthology

  • Published Monty 2015, it's great

  • Featured in Lucid Dreaming Experience Spring Issue 2015 and Summer Issue 2015

  • Reviewer for the Melbourne Writers Festival 2015

  • Author of the critically acclaimed short story, Purple Rocks (A.K.A I got three reviews on Amazon)

  • Creator of a Gadolinium 12 complex which my supervisor thought might be important

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